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pet foodMany pet owners today spend more money just to pamper their animals, including buying best food and treats. Online or offline, a pet store that specializes in just selling pet food and treats can bring in enough money to make ends meet.

Challenges to be faced is you must find the right niche products such as specialized selling natural food products and offer other support products, so you are positioned itself to be the market leader in the field. And you'll have plenty of products to choose from.
There are all-natural (that is, human-grade) foods, specialty foods for diabetic pets or pets with kidney problems,, and raw-food diets, as well as food for pet birds, livestock and exotic animals like snakes.

There are even bakers that specialize in making dog biscuits and other tasty treats. In addition, some pet-food stores choose to stock other pet-related products, like collars and leashes.
Whether you should do so, too, depends on how much you can afford to sink into your inventory and how much room you have to stash the products until they're purchased or shipped out.

According to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 15,890 pet and supply establishments in 2001( the latest year for which the data is available), with sole proprietorships numbering 7,945.
The Census Bureau doesn't capture information about how many of these establishments are internet-based, but you can be sure that no matter how many there were then, the number is growing now because an online store is such a cost-effective way to start a pet-food business.
There's virtually no building overhead if you work out of your home, and it's possible to make arrangements with manufacturers to drop-ship product(that is, arrange shipping directly from the manufacturer to your customer) so you don't even have to store and ship the product yourself.
All you need is a merchant account to accept credit card payments or a PayPal account, and you can ship products all over the world.

The cost to build a pet food store with a particular product is obviously higher, but probably the right choice for some people. to specialize in one type of product, you can set up shop more efficiently. The key is to find a strategic location and the right product mix, along with a great staff to help you run a business.

The last few years, there has been much controversy about the materials used to make pet food, with allegations that these materials are not healthy and nutritious. For this reason, some companies are now making a natural food products. You should do a deep research to find out exactly your niche product

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