New Kate Gosselin Wig

Last year it was the Sarah Palin updo with bangs.
And eyeglasses, of course.
This year's most popular costume promises to be the Kate Gosselin wig.

A wig resembling her amped up, asymmetrical hairdo is available online ($14.99; www.buycostumes.com).

Carefully called the "Eight Is Too Much Adult Wig," the "sleek and so stylish" hairpiece "will make people think you have eight children," a product description reads. It's "smooth and face-framing in the front with a short and puffy back that's full of volume."

And it's guaranteed to make you look controlling.
Will you get the Kate wig? Looks like they're out of stock until Sept. 15, so make your plans now.
Or how about the Jon Gosselin bald spot?
Add double earrings and an Ed Hardy T-shirt and you're good to go to any tacky bar on Halloween and pick up 20-year-old babes.

source:  latimesblogs.latimes.com

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