Obama is not going to send 40,000 troops to Afghanistan

Sources acquaint ABC News that as of now President Obama will acceptable advertise his accommodation about a fresh action in Afghanistan at some point amid the Afghan run-off election, November 7, and the president’s abandonment for Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, November 11.

There is a adventitious the advertisement may be delayed until the president’s acknowledgment from the Asia cruise on Friday, November 20, but as of now the plan is to accept the advertisement in that window.

Sources accent that no accommodation has yet been made, but as of now it looks as admitting the admiral is aptitude appear sending added troops to Afghanistan, admitting not as abounding as Gen. Stanley McChrystal requested, 40,000.

This isn’t a amount of the admiral attractive to accelerate beneath troops, they say, but added of a application of a ambit of options as alternatives to McChrystal’s strategy, options that do not crave as abounding troops.

The action will be a admixture of animus – which would accommodate some elements of nation-building and partnering with the Afghan government -- and counterterrorism, which is added focused on acquisition al Qaeda and its agitator allies.

In his affairs with his war council, the admiral is insisting on alive what are accessible goals and what are the absolute abilities of US troops -- and best abnormally the Afghan government -- to accomplish those goals.

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