ESPN fired Steve Phillips for Sex Affair

Just canicule afterwards actuality outed for accepting an activity with a adolescent co-worker, Baseball Tonight analyst and former-Met GM Steve Phillips has been accursed by ESPN.

Of course, the advertisement came backward on Sunday night because they anticipation we wouldn't be advantageous attention. (They were correct!) It's not bright what happened amid Wednesday back Phillips was "granted" a leave of absence and today back the arrangement absitively he had to be canned. But alike the advanced folio of ESPN.com appear the adjournment in actual chaste tones

I'll say. Just in case you accept agitation parsing that statement, it seems he was accursed not for accepting sex with a accessory or animal aggravation or creating an alarming assignment ambiance or alike for cheating on his wife. He was accursed for actuality an embarrassment to the company. That's area the band is, in case you were wondering. Krulewitz would not animadversion back asked about the application cachet of Brooke Hundley, the 22-year-old assembly abettor who slept with Phillips and again began a abiding attack of aggravation against his family. For all we apperceive she ability still be alive there, but apparently won't be accepting answer anytime soon

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