North Korea Will Test Missile Again

South Korea (SK) pointed to North Korea (NK) intentionally provoked sanctions from the UN through the launch of five short-range missiles last Monday (12/10). According to Yonhap, the country which led Kim Jong-Il is also still schedule the next rocket launch. Originally, these rockets was launched yesterday (13/10).

''There are signs Pyongyang would launch a missile again today (yesterday). But, this time from the west coast,''Yonhap quoted the light of Agence France-Presse reported yesterday (13/10).

It is said that North Korea's test firing disseminate warnings to the Japanese coast. Until October 25 next, according to the Japanese coast guard, Pyongyang would still do a test shoot in the Yellow Sea.

Admiral Jung Ok-keun, chief of staff of South Korean Navy, reported that KN-02 missile which was adapted from the Russian missile cruiser power more than 120 kilometers. ''The missiles that could hit targets within 130-180 kilometers from the launch site,''he said as an MP was reported to Yonhap.

However, in the heat of the relationship the two countries due to the test firing five missiles, North Korea expressed willingness to negotiate with South Korea. Of course, non-nuclear negotiations. The plan, the neighbors will discuss the issue of flooding and border infiltration and reunification. Humanitarian issues discussed were scheduled later Friday (16/10)

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