Boeing | Day 2 of the analysis

The Post and Courier delivers its second day of all-hands-on-deck coverage of the Boeing decision with a package of “Now What?” stories and photos.

But the best stories in the package are probably the ones that didn’t make the front. The interview with Keith Summey gives a peek inside the way the city handled the process, and a Warren Wise article in the Business section talks about a new manufacturer that celebrated the opening of its state-of-the-art Daniel Island facility at the exact moment the Boeing deal was announced. D’OH!

(The P&C also has a Boeing page where you can check what they’ve written on the topic. It’s kinda similar to ours, except you don’t see what else others have contributed. )

The Charleston Regional Business Journal pitches in a piece on statewide impact, and The State has a piece on job prospects.

article source: thedigitel.com/news/boeing-day-2-analysis-6976-1030

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