Former Prime Minister of Japan Becoming Superhero

TOKYO - Long time no heard , Junichiro Koizumi back into the spotlight. But this time he highlighted not because of political activity that was abandoned since no prime minister (PM) of Japan. But because of his activities in the entertainment world.

Yesterday (13/10) AFP launch that the Japanese government leaders for more than five years until 2006 it had a chance to fill the character's voice in the movie superhero Ultraman MegaMonsterBattle. Ultraman is a hero who fought the monsters and aliens from outer space.

The film was broadcast in Japan on 12 December. In the movie, the character whose voice filled Koizumi could fire light in the face of enemy fire while shouting,''Take these offenders. "

''Only the former Prime Minister Koizumi who can fill the character's voice, "said Junko Kitazawa from Tsuburaya Productions, producer of the film.

When serving prime minister, Koizumi is known as a flexible leader. He once shocked the media when Elvis Presley sang a duet with U.S. President George W. Bush during a visit to Graceland, Tennessee.

A flexible style that made him charismatic in the eyes of the Japanese public. He was able to survive much longer than the three successors to the average and can not survive more than a year.

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