5 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Buy a Franchise

Whether it's the top headline on the evening news or front-page news in your daily newspaper,we are consistently bombarded with bad economic news in the national media. With all that's happening, you could easily come to the conclusion that in today's economy you would be crazy to consider purchasing a franchise. What the media forgets to mention, however, are all the "right" reasons for opening a franchise business in today's economy. Here are 5 great reasons to buy a franchise in the current economic climate:

Lower Interest Rates: The prime rate is at a 10-year low. Franchise seekers with good credit histories can find excellent interest rates as the U.S. government maintains a low federal funds rate in an attempt to stimulate the economy.

Favorable Lease Arrangements: Landlords are ready to negotiate favorable terms when it comes to opening new franchise businesses.

Franchising is Viewed as a Favorable Business Option: One of the main reasons you are considering a franchise opportunity is to reduce your risks. You want to become part of a system with a proven successful track record. Banks and other lending institutions consider franchising as a safer investment than the "shoot from the hip" mentality of starting your own business from scratch. They know franchisors have a well-tested business model, provide initial and ongoing training, and offer continuous support to their franchisees.

Availability of Qualified Employees: As we know, the current job market is very competitive. People from all employment sectors are experiencing layoffs or downsizing. As you look for people to fill your open positions, it's highly likely you'll find more qualified workers to choose from.

Controlling Your Own Destiny: When has there been a better time to take control of your next career move? More and more, downsized and unhappy employees are deciding to pursue their dream of business ownership, instead of living with the unknowns of corporate America. By choosing to franchise, you become part of a proven, successful system that provides a great deal of support and knowledge to its franchise owners.

Many hugely successful business were born during the so-called "bad" economic times. Unfortunately, because the media is so negative, they tend to not choose to communicate the many advantages of buying a franchise during an economic downturn.

Several specific franchise models actually tend to thrive in a recession. As an experienced franchise consultant, I can effectively and efficiently streamline your entire franchise search process for you, sparing you all the aggravation of trying to go it alone.

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