Christopher Columbus | Not the first landed on America

In fact, through a variety of other historical discovery, recognized that Columbus was not the first. Viking explorers had built a colony in Greenland and the Newfoundland or the United States since around 1000 AD or 500 years earlier than Columbus. According to the study of Gavin Menzies, 1421: The Year China Discover America, the Chinese sailors who led the Admiral Zheng. He discovered America in 1421. These are still early about 70 years rather than Columbus. There were still many controversies that happened; some very passionate and even deny the conclusion Menzies.

Indeed, the most distinguished of all those who landed on the American mainland is that the active Columbus popularized the findings. The Vikings probably just drop in and conquer, full of blood, but after it was finished. If you could watch the movie Pathfinder: Legend of the Ghost Warrior arable Marcus Nispel (2007), at least not be caught image of how the Viking conquerors behaved. Well that the film was not a historical documentary, but fitted with settingnya that period people kesinggahan Vikings in Newfoundland this will leave footprints in our tabula rasa.

Zheng He was, if he is first up, leaving no trace of civilization which cause a change. It may be true that the breed of chickens in Chile comes from livestock fleet of Zheng He stopped time, but not much has changed other than just from history.

Columbus, so lost and landed in America, home to Europe and introduced the new country that stepped in his report to the royal court in Madrid. He did not just explore the world for pleasure, but to begin the conquest and colonization. If we read the sentences in his journal, he did see the goodness of tribal Indians in the American continent more as an opportunity conquest. In fact after Columbus, a wave of conquerors and settlers had arrived and started. Since the arrival of Columbus, estimated that 85% of Indian citizens become extinct only within a period of 150 years. Travel history of human civilization is complex; a bitter experience, and who took a hit.

It's Columbus Day celebration in the United States was not evenly distributed nationwide. In the areas that many Indian tribes, this warning is directed to a more productive point. Are the days Native Americans (Native American Day) as in North Dakota, while in Nevada, he became a better day brings nuance concerns --- a day of Observance.

Furthermore, as a productive step in the historical sense, the representatives of Indian tribes from various regions and countries in the Americas were declared in Davis, California in 1992 that on 12 October as International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous People.

For more questions, if in a country has the original one, is it still appropriate to say that the country was discovered by someone else, like Columbus? Perhaps, this date is October 12 Columbus Day to the U.S. arriving

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