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Can you make money from craft business? If you are an artistic, creative and really enjoy working with your hands, the biggest answer is YES.

While doing something you like, start your own craft business. You will get more benefits beyond your own.

The fact is, craft business is real and there is money generated from people who usually use their hands to create a product that interests you, wherever you. live

In fact, according to the Craft Organization Directors Association, there are 106,000 to 126,000 craftspeople working in the United States today and the average gross sales/revenue per craftsperson is $76,025. (Note: this figure is a couple years old, so it has at least grown upwards at this point.)

If you are not familiar with the craft industry, you'll be surprised to see some of the statistics.

The Craft Organization Directors Association (CODA) reported the American Craft Industry to be a $14 billion per year industry.
More interesting craft business statistics you should know before you start your own craft business:
  1. The total impact of craft sales is $12.3 to $13.8 billion per year. This is one-third the volume of shoes purchased in the US and four times the value of taxicab rides.
  2. Income from craft activities comprises 47% of household income on average. 22% of craft households derive all of their income from craft.
  3. Direct retail accounts for 52.9% of annual sales, just over one-half at craft fairs.
  4. The average craftsperson derives 27% of annual sales from wholesale and 11.2% from consignment to galleries.
  5. Craftspeople that have paid employees have three times the household income and ten times the sales/revenue of those that work alone.

Who is part of the craft industry?
  • 64% of craftspeople are female.
  • 41% are between the ages of 46 and 55.
  • The median age is 49.
  • 79% of craftspeople work in a studio located on or in their residential property.
  • 78% are members of a craft organization.
  • 64% work alone in a studio, 18% work with a partner or family member, and 16% work with paid employees.
You create your crafts from your home and sell them in bulk to local flower shops to sell – or sell them direct on your own through advertising and catalog, internet sales or fairs.

If you have a knack for being creative and putting together a masterpiece made of various materials, craft making can be a very profitable business for you.

Valuable skills/Requirements

You can find local crafts workshop in your neighborhood through the local newspaper and then you begin to learn to develop your skills so you can create your own products and skills to make more uang. Being creative and a love of crafts and gifts are the keys.

For the most part, anybody can succeed in the craft business if you have the knack.

How much you can make in the craft business

This is what's so surprising. There is money to be made in this business. It's no joke.

According to the Craft Organization Directors Association, the median household income of craftspeople is $50,000 per year, 26% above the national median of $39,657 and Craftspeople that have paid employees have three times the household income and ten times the sales/revenue of those that work alone.

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