Lucas Cruikshank | False Celebrity Gossip This Week

Lucas Cruikshank is said to be starring in the film version based on the character of the god-awful annoying YouTube Fred Figglehorn.

For those who have managed to avoid Fred so far, you can see his work in this post, including my argument why the sensor has a place on YouTube. The short version is: Lucas Cruikshank is a child who seems to be in the speed and talk to one million miles per hour in a high-pitched voice.

According to a report in September, a casting call for the movie Fred has made to support the role of Bertha, Judy and Kevin. Directed by Sheryl Levine has worked for Nickeloden, and director Clay Weiner has a popular YouTube channel for itself.

In related news Lucas Cruikshank, the first actor to be false celebrity gossip this week. Details are unclear, but there are some people who claim to twitter Fred has died. Unfortunately, rumors about the death of Fred was 99% not possible, because there are no solid facts to support these rumors. Instead, it was probably just a case of imagination

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