Marge Simpson Posing Semi-Nude at Playboy Cover

To please fans, Marge Simpson "posing" nude for Playboy magazine November 2009 edition. TMZ has obtained Marge Simpson as the cover palyboy (do not worry, the interesting part of his private closed) and, if you so wish, you can view them by clicking the link at the bottom of this article. In addition to appearing on the front cover, Marge Simpson appeared in the pages of men's magazine story on page three semi-naked pictures.

Why did Playboy decided to show Marge Simpson's semi-naked in the November 2009 edition (by the way, Marge Simpson is the first cartoon characters that will appear on the cover story.) Well, other than Marge Simpson's body shows remarkable (do not forget that he is mother of three children) was conducted to commemorate the anniversary of the 20 "The Simpsons," an animated comedy series that had the longest running in television history.

As mentioned above, Marge Simpson would only pose semi-nude for Playboy. This strategy is also used by TV star Heidi Montag, who appeared half-naked in the six pages of Playboy.

The question is: why Playboy are willing to pay Heidi Montag as reported $ 500,000 for posing half naked. Some analysts believe that it was done to win the younger audience (average age of Playboy readers currently 35) for a magazine that has experienced financial difficulties at the moment.

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