Woman at Work

Can not be denied again that at loaded era globalization rumors like in
this time, character with mobilely woman in will underpin family
economics very be need, especially moslem woman. There are some where
does moslem woman in work, that is:
1 Get husband permission
2 Be urgent requirement
3 Escaped from slander
4 Watch over fringes that appointed in islam
5 In moderation in look for treasure
6 Actually living is husband duty.For the reason that woman chances to
work, has opportunity to be able to get reward from alms and donation
whom she releases
7. Strive for tawazun (balance) between work, self and household

From several criterias on of course not get out of observation
al-qur'an and al-hadis.
There are some verses in al-quran that mention that woman is not
forbidden to work, those verses:
1. Surah al-qashash, verses(23-28),
narrated to hit two prophet daughters syu'aib that axis to shepherd
goat at grassland, then come in contact with axis mozes prophet.

[28: 23]
and when does he came unto the water of midian he found there a whole
tribe of men, watering. and he is found apart from them two
women keeping back (their flocks). he is said: what aileth you? the
two said: we are cannot give (our flocks) is to drink till the
shepherds return from the water; and our is father is a very old

[28: 24]
so he is watered (their flock) is for them. then he is turned aside
into the shade, and said: my is lord! i am general needy of whatever
good thou sendest down for me.

[28: 25]
then there came unto him one of the two women, walking shyly. he is
said: lo! my is father biddeth thee, that is him may reward thee
with a payment for that is thou mendst water (the flock) for us.
then, when does he came unto him and told him the (whole) story, he
is said: fear musical note! thou hast escaped from the wrongdoing

[28: 26]
one of the two women said: o my is father! hire him! for the best
(man) that is thou canst hire in the strong, the trustworthy.

[28: 27]
he is said: lo! i am fain would marry thee to one of these two
daughters of mine on condition that is thou hirest thyself to me for
(the m of) eight pilgrimages. then if thou completest ten it will be
of thine own accord, for me would musical note make it hard for
thee. allah willing, thou wilt find me of the righteous.

[28: 28]
he is said: that (is is settled) between thee and me. whichever of
the two ms i am fulfil, there will be no injustice to me, and allah
is surety over what we are say.

2.Surah al-naml verse 20-44,
also apreciate leadership (policies career) a woman that named Balqis.
beside verses other that beckon that those woman may give suck child
and spin thread.

[27: 20]
and he is sought among the birds and said: how is it that me see
musical note the hoopoe, or is he is among the absent?

[27: 21]
i am verily will punish him with hard punishment or i am verily will
slay him, or he is verily shall bring me a plain excuse.

[27: 22]
but he is was musical note long in coming, and he is said: i have
found out (a thing) that is thou apprehendest musical note, and i am
come unto thee from sheba with sure tidings.

[27: 23]
lo! i am found a woman ruling over them, and he is hath been given
(abundance) of all things, and hers is a mighty throne.

[27: 24]
i am found retake and retake people worshipping the kiss instead of
allah; and satan maketh their is works fairseeming unto them, and
debarreth them from the way (of truth), so that is them go musical
note aright;

[27: 25]
so that is them worship allah musical note, who bringeth forth the
hidden in the heavens and the earth, and knoweth what ye hide and
what ye proclaim,

[27: 26]
allah; there is no god save him, the lord of the tremendous throne.

[27: 27]
(solomon) said: we are shall see whether thou speakest truth or
whether thou art of the liars.

[27: 28]
go with this is my is letter and throw it down unto them; then turn
away and see what (answer) they are return,

[27: 29]
(the queen of sheba) said (when does he received the letter): o
chieftains! lo! there hath been thrown unto me a noble letter.

[27: 30]
lo! it is from solomon, and lo! it is: in the name of allah, the
beneficent, the merciful;

[27: 31]
exalt musical note yourselves against me, but come unto me axis those
who surrender.

[27: 32]
he is said: o chieftains! pronounce for me in my is case. i am decide
no case till ye acres present with me.

[27: 33]
they are said: we are acres lords of might and lords of great
prowess, but it is for thee to command; so consider what thou wilt

[27: 34]
he is said: lo! kings, when do they enter a township, ruin it and
make the honour of its people shame. thus will they are do.

[27: 35]
but lo! i am general going to send a present unto them, and to see
with what (answer) the messengers return.

[27: 36]
so when (the envoy) came unto solomon, (the king) said: what! would ye
help me with wealth? but that is which allah hath given me is better
than that is which he is hath given you. nay it is ye (and musical note
i) who exult in your gift.

[27: 37]
return unto them. we are verily shall come unto them with hosts that is
them cannot resist, and we are shall drive them out from thence with
shame, and they are will be abased.

[27: 38]
he is said: o chiefs! which of you will bring me retake throne before
they are come unto me, surrendering?

[27: 39 ]
a stalwart of the jinn said: i am will bring it thee before thou canst
rise from thy place. lo! i am verily general strong and trusty for such

[27: 40]
one with whom was knowledge of the scripture said: i am will bring it
thee before thy gaze returneth unto thee. and when does he may allah
bless him and give him peace it set in his presence, (solomon) said:
this is is of the bounty of my is lord, that is him may try me whether
i am give thanks or general ungrateful. whosoever giveth thanks he only
giveth thanks for (the good of) his is own soul; and whosoever is
ungrateful (is ungrateful only to his is own soul’s hurt). for lo! my
is lord is absolute in independence, bountiful.

[27: 41]
he is said: menyguise retake throne for retake that us may see whether
he is will go aright or be of those musical note rightly guided.

[27: 42 ]
so, when does he came, it was said (unto retake): is thy throne like
this? he is said: (it is) axis though it were the very one. and
(solomon said): we are were given the knowledge before retake and we
are had surrendered (to allah).

[27: 43]
and (all) that is him was wont to worship instead of allah hindered
retake, for him came of menybelieving folk.

[27: 44]
it was said unto retake: enter the hall. and when does he may allah
bless him and give him peace it he deemed it a pool and bared retake
legs. (solomon) said: lo! it is a hall, made smooth, of glass. he is
said: my is lord! lo! i have wronged myself, and i am surrender with
solomon unto allah, the lord of the worlds.

3. Al-nahl, verse 97
Whosoever doeth right, whether male or female, and is a believer, him
verily we are shall quicken with good life, and we are shall pay them
a recompense in proportion to the best of what they are used to do.

4. Ali imran: 195
And their is lord hath heard them (and he saith): lo! i am suffer
musical note the work of any worker, male or female, to be lost. ye
proceed one from another. so those who fled and were driven forth
from their homes and suffered damage for my cause, and fought and
were slain, verily i am shall remit their is evil deeds from them
and verily i am shall bring them into gardens underneath which
rivers flow - a reward from allah. and with allah is the fairest of

From al hadis there also explain that moslem woman is permitted to
work. hadis:
1. hr. at-tabrani
“woman not justifiably out the house but if he forced (because one
important matter) and he also not justifiably passes road backs but the

2. hr. bukhari
“actually permitted allah for you (woman) out to a certain need (that
corrected by syara’)”

3. hr. ahmad
“not occasionally a woman and man secludes (both in lonely place)
because the third is syetan, except espoused muhrim”

4. hr. khatib
every secretory wife house without the husband permission, permanent
stay in angry allah so that return to the house or forgiven by her

From several verses and hadis on inferential that actually there is no
prohibition for moslem woman to work.
When do i write this, so that truth is incoming from allah the almighty
and most worthy of praise, and when does wrong, so thoroughly that
error is from me as human.

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