I Do This to Increase Alexa Rank

These few days I tries several tips to increase alexa rank in my blog ferumx, and the result is good. This is my tips:

  1. Use Entrecard. At this time, temporary average traffic from entrecard are 20 person visitor every day. This traffic is good enough when you have new blog and want to increase alexa rank quickly. One of the condition to use entrecard, your blog must in English.
  2. Blogwalking. Best way to promote your blog if you don't have enough money and want to increase alexa rank, I think so. Visit another blog and leave message at chat box or give a comment in article exist in blog will make blog owner visit you back.
  3. Post minimal one article per day. This is necessary done to keep your visitor not bored easy visiting your blog becaue there always something new every time they click it.
  4. Link exchange. Place your blog link in another blog and place another blog link to yours. When you do this with blog that has higher google PR, big possibility your Google PR also rise to.

Thats my little experience and I share with you all, if you have another way to increase alexa rank, please leave a comment here.....

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