How to Get Noticed Online by “Big Name” Bloggers

There’s no mystery to getting noticed online by big name bloggers. It’s simple hard work and some luck. Remember though, luck comes by way of hard work. If you want to get noticed by a big name blogger online, following are three things you can do to heighten your chances
3 Ways to Get Noticed by Famous Bloggers:

1. Give a Solution to a Problem: The whole reason I wrote the report that went viral was because, since the economy has been in the tank here in the U. S., I’d received quite a few emails from freelancers asking about how to land more writing gigs.
Hence, the impetus for the report was to offer advice and help. I offered a solution to a problem.

2. Speak to the Blogger’s Audience: This kinda goes without saying, but it needs to be mentioned. Big name/famous bloggers receive a lot of requests from many who are trying to get attention for their product/service. A lot of the time, it has nothing to do with their audience.
I don’t care how good your product/service is, if it’s not relevant to the blogger’s audience (ie, their business), it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to get their attention.
Bloggers are niche business owners. And, there are “famous” ones in every niche. So don’t just approach a blogger because they’re famous. Do your due diligence and approach the right ones, ie, the one whose audience can benefit from your product/service.

3. Make Contact Consistently: I’m not talking about cyberstalking here. What I mean is to make approaching established bloggers a part of your marketing routine. For example, write and send one post a week to a well-trafficked blog. If you do this, eventually you will get published, mentioned, tweeted, etc.

I’ve sent posts to probably 20 or so famous bloggers. I’ve been lucky enough to have been published a half dozen times or so on highly trafficked blogs in my niche (freelance writing). Like anything that you put consistent effort into – it pays off over time.
Note: Always send original content that you don’t publish anyplace else.
How to Become a Famous Blogger
The final thing I want to say on this is — work towards getting famous/established in your own right. Many are so focused on getting noticed by big name bloggers that they forget to focus on establishing themselves.
Famous bloggers started off just like you – from ground zero. If you consistently write, publish and market your blog, you’ll start to gain a following.
Who knows, one day you could be the “famous blogger” that everybody starts approaching.

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