Ho Do I Find Fresh Blog

fresh blog, new blogger,blogging tips, tricksHow do i find fresh blog? There is various way to find fresh blog, make traffic to my blog , increase alexa rank and find dofollow blog, if I get lucky. Give some comment in DoFollow blog will give me trackback so I have a chance to increase Google PR. Most preciseest and interesting way to find fresh blog are with blogwalking

Usually every blog have some widget that show to us whose visit it.It's come from blogcatalog, mybloglog, twitter, shoutmix, and others. From chat box shoutmix for example, you can see visitor name and a link with it , you can click the link and you will be brought to that blog. Leave message at chat box also give a chance to another visitor to find your blog.
Comment widget also give profit too, usually favorite article will get many comments, from here you can find fresh blog that can be visited for increase or build a communities, later you can make mutual support and you can find more fresh blog to visited.

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