Paid Review Indicator

There are some influential indicator towards a blog that registered to paid review program , such as:
  1. alexa rank, rank that show traffic to a blog/website. smaller alexa rank value , show more and more traffic to blog. ever greater alexa rank value , so more a little traffic to blog. blog with alexa rank 500.000 bigger gets job review than blog with alexa rank 1.250.000.
  2. google page rank, rank that show how often page visited at a blog. ever greater google page rank, more gooder. smaller google page rank, chance to get job review also little. blog with google PR 5 better compared with blog that has google PR 1.
  3. feedburner, more and more visitor that register self passes feedburner a blog show vogue blog.
  4. twitter follower, is showing how much blogger that following you.
  5. content, choose job review that has equal content with your blog .

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