How To Watch Over Your Body Health

Health is everything, such some people word. A part society stills not yet understand the important watch over their body health. Many benefits that got when we begin regularly watch over body health, idea and our soul so can reached balance in life. In watch over body health, there are some tips necessary done, among others:
  1. Eat regularly, pattern eats 3x a day still ideal to watch over our body health.
  2. Eat high nutrient valuable food.
  3. Do not eat fast food / junk food.
  4. Drink plain water minimal 8 glass every day.
  5. Pattern sleeps regular, sleep 8 hours a day can increase body stamina with can cause the loss of stress.
  6. Sport regularly, 30 minutes sport after get up from sleep and 30 minutes at evening can increase body invulnerability.
  7. Multiply vitamin consumption, vegetable and fruit are best vitamin source
  8. Diligent to pray can increase our soul well-being.
  9. Consumption supplement food sufficient.
  10. Bathe minimal twice a day good for watch over stable permanent body temperature.
  11. Do general check up routinely every 6 months .

You can application tips body health above in your life everyday. Good can help. If there other tips body health, i wait for your comment. . .

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