Children Needs

What wanted by a child from the old person? These days by dozens parents spend more time to work in order to support family need is compared with time with their children. This matter can be understood to remember uncertain economy condition in this time and main need price then crawls to rise
But such that can not be made reason on decrease it attention parents towards the children. More parents attention will help development psychology a child for the growth. Bot rarely found case a child is feel inferior intermediate association is caused because they often booed playmate, when does parents nearness with child less so, the child dislike to tell about the incident befall self. Heart precipitation a child to parents will help to decrease existing load insides self, on the contrary supposed parents character can to give motivation with push to strengthen the child so that rigid face environment around them. Presumably, matter insufficient to replace parents character along with attention and affection That must they pour heart and soul to their children. Education, affection, with attention directive enough from parents to child better be compared when the child absorb information from outside that can endanger their self later.

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