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Two American porn star who allegedly involved in a romantic relationship with the world number one golfer Tiger Woods. They are Holly Sampson and Joslyn James. The first is Holly Sampson, and was soon followed Joslyn James. Some people say the involvement of two porn stars in the life of Tiger Woods could threaten his career. Many unsolved mysteries. How deeply these women play a role in sex life of the star? Is Tiger Woods a sex maniac?

Around the same time that Holly Sampson was outed as possible mistress, Gatorade announced that they were closing down their Tiger Focus line of beverages. Although Gatorade maintain that the decision was made months ago, the timing of the announcement couldn't come at a worse time for Woods.

A second porn star was quickly added to Tiger Woods' roster. Joslyn James, who is know for "kinky sex" and maintains that she was Tiger's "full time" mistress surfaced. News of the porn star mistresses broke around the same time it was announced that Elin Nordegren Woods moved out of the home she shared with Tiger.

Some reports say that Elin Nordegren Woods purchased a home in her native Sweden. Speculation centers on the possibility that Elin could be leaving Tiger. Other speculation includes claims that Tiger and his entire family are getting ready to flee the US.

Although there is no concrete evidence that Tiger Woods' life was dramatically altered because of Holly Sampson and Joslyn James, the timing of many other reports looks a little suspicious. Have Elin and Tiger's sponsors had enough? Only time will tell.

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