Brian Kelly press conference | 5 Point in His Press Conference

Brian Kelly, a former football coach of the University of Cincinnati in his press conference saying that he has officially become the new head coach a football team of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. At the press conference we know of Brian Kelly's contract with the Notre Dame Fighting.
In addition there are also some interesting points of public concern about Brian Kelly in a press conference. Here are 5 points in a press Brian Kelly conference.

One: He's Not Saying Anything About Coaches Yet. Includes keeping anyone from the current staff or taking anyone with him from Cincinnati.
Two:Brian Kelly Never Been To A Game In The Fall There: He does have a good excuse, though, since he is a head football coach for 19 years, has been kind of busy the whole time.
Three: He Didn't Want To Talk About Cincy. "Transition is very difficult, and those situations are extremely emotional." Leaving a job is awkward no matter how it happens, especially when you're dealing with something as touchy as contract negotiations for million dollars.
Four: Brian Kelly Daughter's Name Is Grace.
Five: He Did Guarantee One Win. The spring game, which Kelly gamely promised a victory in for the reporters.

Media Newswire reports on the Brian Kelly press conference, stating he was hired after Charlie Weis was fired. Brian Kelly has coached for 19 seasons and looks forward to being the head coach of the Fighting Irish

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