SkyGrabber | Used to Intercepts Data from U.S Predator Drones

"SkyGrabber is a offline satellite internet downloader. Skygrabber intercepts satellite data including movie, music, pictures etc that downloaded by other users and saves information in your hard disk. Skygrabber is really making news today around the world as the news broke that it was used by military operations for spying etc."

After all the reports of U.S. Armed forces scoring an upper hand over the militant forces of Iraq may not be as glorious as they seem. Latest intelligence probe has revealed that hard core Iraqi militant groups secretly used a powerful software named SkyGrabber to capture video feeds live from the U.S. Predator drones. This provided them with required information for evading the assault of U.S. military operations. SkyGrabber, the software allegedly used by the militants can be bought online for $26 approximately. The insurgents succeeded in breaching the security implemented in the software system in the planes that were operated remotely.

However, the U.S. officials say there exist no proof that those militants succeeded in interfering with security plans and control of the drones. It is obvious that the insurgents got basic idea about the forthcoming missions of the army. They also came to learn about the areas surveyed by the U.S. air force. Whatever the consequences may be, this incident points out the loopholes in the security measures in USA’s remotely operated drones.

The matter came into the notice of the U.S. military intelligence when some laptops captured from the militants revealed video streams leaked from the drones. After the startling discovery, U.S. military officials and security experts are working hard to encrypt the video feed of the drones. However, it will take some time before they can understand whether the encryption has thwarted the attempts of the militants. The Obama administration may do a rethink about employing more unmanned air troops into foreign countries.

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