Market Review | Summers: Job Growth By Spring

"Until there are rules governing Wall Street the economy will not improve for the average worker. They short sell stocks illegally every day, they have their special computer programs to manipulate huge stock trades to enrich themselves and they have way to much influence with congress. They are the reason jobs were sent overseas and wages were brought down to poverty levels. Rein them in"

The President’s top economic advisor, Larry Summers, told me that “by spring employment growth will start turning positive.”

During my "This Week" interview, Summers said that “everybody agrees that the recession is over,” but he did not say when the unemployment rate could be expected to drop further.

The unemployment rate dipped last month to 10 percent from a peak of 10.2 percent. Many private economists, like Moody’s Mark Zandi, predict unemployment will climb through the third quarter of next year to 10.6 percent.

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