Shenzhen - Wuhan Fast Train Began to Operate

Fast trains that connect Shenzhen, Changsha and Wuhan began operating on Sunday (4/1). By the operation of the fast train, travel time to just four hours than ever before, said the China train operator in Guangzhou.

During these time people who travel by train from Shenzhen must through two provincial capital, Hunan and Hubei and transit in the South Guangzhou Station .

The management of local railways will operate ten trains "G10" depart from Shenzhen to Wuhan, and ten trains "G60" from Shenzhen to Changsha. During this time, the local railway operates 28 fast trains between Shenzhen-Guangzhou with the number of passengers on average 20,000 people per day.

By the operation of that fast train, travel time between Shenzhen and Changsha only two hours 48 minutes.
For ticket prices the management has not set a new price, but based on the current price is 75 RMB for economy class from Shenzhen to Guangzhou and 465 yuan from Guangzhou to Wuhan. While for Shenzhen to Wuhan is estimated to be 540 yuan, while for the route to Changsha around 390 yuan. Operation of fast trains were expected to increase tourist arrivals in that region.

Shenzhen -Wuhan fast railway is a part of the Beijing-Hong Kong fast rail system .Wuhan and Zhengzhou lines will be opened in August, while Zhengzhou and Shijiazhuang track in Hebei Province to be operated later this year.

While the Shenzhen-Hong Kong expected to open in 2015, so the travel time fromShenzhen to Beijing will be only eight hours, if the whole set of railway lines were opened.

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