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Dropbox Inc. following the online file-sharing site euphoria that started booming a year ago (05/04). Company's online file sharing has become a hot property inSilicon Valley and managed to raise additional capital worth 250 million dollars and reached 4 billion dollars in market value. In fact, the company also managed to attract investment from the world celebrities like Bono, U2 lead singer .
With the current valuation Dropbox equivalent to a company that has reached multibillion dollar revenue as Expedia Inc. and Cablevision Systems.

Through the promotion of a majority of just a word of mouth alone Dropbox has managed to filter out 50 million users for its software. Dropbox software can be used to store and retrieve a variety of photos, documents and videos from sites that are connected with their gadgets.
Dropbox is currently trying to maintain the growth momentum and prove to its investors that its business continuity experience. The company currently consistsof 100 workers were moved to a size of 87.000 square-foot office in SanFrancisco. Dropbox begin launching its action to recruit employees fromFacebook Inc. in February.

Currently Dropbox is also beginning to develop partnerships with gadget manufacturers and application developers to allow for their services grow more rapidly in the gadget smartphones and tablets, as well as television. Dropbox is also trying to attract a premium user from the business sector, where the line hast o meet the competition of the Box Inc..

At the same time Dropbox have to face competition from other technology giants such as Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp. Inc. and Amazon. Google also has been rumored to be launching its own storage services 'cloud' property, called Drive.

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