Future Israeli Drone More Deadly

One year after Israel was surprised because of the loss of pilots and jet fighter due to Syrian missiles in the 1973 war, David Harari, an electrical engineer, has pioneered a program Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone / UAV) in Israel Aviation Industry.

He proposed the existence of an unmanned aircraft to monitor security. Several years later, Harari and his team rolled out Scout, UAVs with weights 200 pounds that can roam up to 3,000 meters. The drone launched its first operation in the1982 Lebanon War.

The plane was sending troops motion picture and allow Israel to achieve air superiority first to neutralize anti-aircraft batteries Syria. The event also makes Israel military become the first UAV operator's in the world.

"It was a revelation," said Harari - who holds a PhD in physics from the Sorbonne."Suddenly we handle the terrain where the four-dimensional pattern. Fourth dimension is time. It's completely changed the military doctrine."

That is true! Unmanned aircraft squadron currently carry the oversight mission by the IAF, and adding more flight hours per year than the combined aircraft operations with crew, Xinhua reported.

In recent years, the squadron was routinely assigned to fly the Gaza Strip to pursue the unity of Palestinian rocket launch, the lead helicopter gunships and artillery to the location of weapons caches. The team is also reportedly involved in the killing of combatants in a "targeted" and periodically.

UAVs also suspected play an important role in the intelligence information gathering before the attacks launched by Israel's military against Iran's nuclear installations.

On February 2010, IAI send Air Force unmanned aircraft, Heron TP II. With a wingspan of 26 meters - same size with Boeing 737 - the fourth-generation aircraftwith more advanced technology has a cruising at an altitude of 13 500 meters, andtook nearly five tons of cargo and can fly continuously for 36 hours.

Its operations kept secret, but one official said that IAI Heron with a satellite communications link allows it to take "long distance" and reach every country in the region

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