Wall Street strengthened in the first week of 2012

Stocks on Wall Street strengthened in the first week of this year. Although the emergence of reports that the United States unemployment rate recorded the lowest in three years.

Based on the data, quoted from Reuters on Saturday (7 / 1), Dow Jones index rose 1.2%, S & P 500 rose 1.6%, and Nasdaq rose 2.7% during this week. This increase was underpinned by growth in each sector of the stock.

At the close of trading on Friday (6 / 1) local time Dow Jones fell 55.78 points (0.45%) to 12359.92, S & P 500 lost 3.25 points (0.25%) to 1277.81 and Nasdaq Composite rose 4.36 points (0.16%) to 2674.22.

U.S. economic recovery signals become the main focus U.S. stock market earlier this year. It is enough to make a shift in market sentiment from the European crisis of recent times to load the stock market.

Stocks that included in the top gainers category this week's , KBW Bank stock jumped 5.7%. During this week, economic data (employment data) show a positive signal, housing and retail data is good, it shows a U.S. economic recovery.

On the other side, fears of bond yields of Italy and Spain are going to skyrocket and the potential disruption of oil supplies from the Middle East, making investors cautious.

Next week there will be an auction of bonds by Italy and Spain. The focus of the investors focused on the Italian bond yields in excess of 7%. As for Spain also rose slightly at the end of this week to 5.76%

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