10 World's Largest Gold Owners

The gold owners are very happy with the increase in investment yield of gold, while investment in other sectors eroded by the storm of the European crisis and also the uncertainty that surrounds the world economy.

Currently the world's largest gold holder still dominated by central banks, international organizations and governments with a total estimated at 16.5% of total world gold or as much as 30,700 tons. The amount is taken from the monthly reports the World Gold Council (WGC), which is a key market development agency gold industry.

So, who are the world's largest gold owners?

 1. United State
Value of reserves: U.S. $ 418.39 billion
Total: 8965.6 tons
U.S. gold deposit in Ketucky or the United States Bullion Depository and known as Fort-Knox is one of the most famous place of gold reserves in the world. They hold the majority of the country's gold reserves, while the remainder is stored in the Philadelphia Mint, Denver Mint, West Point Bullion Depository and the San Francisco Assay Office.

If combined, a total of U.S. gold reserves reached 8965.6 tons and valued at U.S. $ 418.39 billion based on current market prices.

2. Germany
Value of reserves: U.S. $ 174.7 billion
Total: 3743.7 tons of
Central Bank of Germany has 3743.7 tons of gold reserves, worth of U.S. $ 174.7 billion. According to WGC, gold coffer Germany reached 73.7% of a total of foreign exchange reserves.

3. IMF
Value of reserves: U.S. $ 144.76 billion
Total: 3101 tons
IMF has 185 member countries. Their Gold policy has changed in the last 25 years, but the reserves still serves to stabilize the international market and help countries in the world.

For example, IMF sold most of its reserves in December 1999 to assist Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative. Total IMF gold reserves reach 3101 tons worth of U.S. $ 144.76 billion.

4. Italy
Value of reserves: U.S. $ 126.12 billion
Total: 2792.6 tons.
Central Bank of Italy has 2792.6 tonnes of gold was recorded. The gold reserves totaled 73.4% of a total of foreign exchange reserves Italy.

5. France
Value of reserves: U.S. $ 125.28 billion
Total: 2684.6 tons

France Central Bank, Banque De France controlled most of carrying the country's gold reserves, with a portion of the foreign exchange reserves reached 71.8%. With the amount of 2684.6 tons of gold, France has recorded gold worth of U.S. $ 125.28 billion.

6. SPDR Gold ETF (GLD)
Value of reserves: U.S. $ 64.53 billion
Total: 1213.9 tons.

Unlike other largest holders of gold, GLD is a place where investors can actually buy. As the gold price fluctuations, the value of the SPDR Gold Trust GLD also known as up and down. GLD recorded master 38845.889 ounce of gold or about 1213.9 tons worth of U.S. $ 64.53 billion.

7. China
Value of reserves: U.S. $ 54.22 billion
Total: 1161.9 tons.

China has huge foreign reserves, but the portion in the form of gold was very small which is only about 1.8%. With a population reaching 1.34 billion, the country has a gold equivalent of U.S. $ 40.46 per person. Total gold owned by China reached 1161.9 tons worth of U.S. $ 54.22 billion.

8. Switzerland
Value of reserves: U.S. $ 53.5 billion
Total: 1146.5 tons.

Central Bank of Switzerland recorded master 1146.5 tonnes of gold worth of U.S. $ 53.5 billion a. The gold deposits accounted for 15.8 percent of a total of foreign exchange reserves. The proportion of gold has fallen over the previous year.

9. Russian Federation
Value of reserves: U.S. $ 44.8 billion
Total: 960.1 tons.

Central Bank of Russian Federation mastering recorded 960.1 tons of gold worth of U.S. $ 44.8 billion, which accounted for 9.2% of a total of foreign reserves of the country.

In 2009, Russia increased Their Gold production to 21% in connection with the inauguration of several new mines. In 2010, Japan defeated Russia in terms of gold deposits, with the addition of 140 tons in that year alone. Russia's continued purchase of gold in 2011, with the purchase of as much as 4.9 tons in July, according to a report from IMF.

10. Japan
Value of reserves: U.S. $ 39.36 billion
Total: 843.5 tons.
Japan does have 843.5 tons gold worth of U.S. $ 39.36 billion, but the number was only 3.5% of a total of foreign exchange reserves.

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