Meanwhile Yen pullback , Potentially Hit Sterling Again

In trading GBP / JPY Asian session today (12-01) Japanese Yen monitored fell against Sterling and in the range of 117.71. Pressure on Yen against Sterling pair was observed decreased with the indication that showed decreased Japan's economic performance.

Ministry of Finance reported that the current account in November 2011 showed a drop in surplus. In the current account surplus valued at approximately 0:48 trillion yen, while in October 2011 reached a surplus of 0.52 trillion Yen.

Analysts suggested that a decrease in the surplus is causing Yen pressure on Sterling a bit restrained. Currency pair GBP / JPY is expected to still be rebound and is expected to face resistance on the European session on the range of 118.59.

However, Yen still can hit back Sterling with a stronger sentiment economists where Economy Watchers Sentiment index which reported improved to 47.0

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