Understanding Viral Marketing Concept

The concept of viral marketing is to make your product known and marketed by others from mouth to mouth.

The explanation below might help you to understand the concept of viral marketing:
"There are actually very good restaurant in your area. However, you never buy food at the venue. However, neighbors or friends who buy food at the restaurant and feel how good the food he eats. So unconsciously, eventually when a friend or neighbors meet you, they will surely tell you about the delicious food they ever ate. Therefore, after you heard the story, you will also be very interested to buy and try your own food." That’s my explanation about the concept of viral marketing.

Actually viral marketing strategy is very effective strategy as a means of marketing your product or business. Why do I say so? Because when viral marketing works, then you can save energy and money. All you have to do is make every customer feel satisfied, and then your customer by itself will recommend your business to family, friends, neighbors, friends and office.

Although it is very effective marketing strategy, to make this viral marketing work is not easy. There are several things to consider supporting these marketing strategy works. Here are some things I mean:

  • Creating a quality product, unique and different from the others so it has more value for consumers.
  • Provide good customer service so that consumers are not disappointed when buy your goods and products, even if your business is a restaurant.
  • Keep your customers satisfied when buying at your place, make them feels memorable shopping at your place, so that consumers will return to your place as a loyal customer.
Well, that is how I think about Viral marketing strategy. I hope that this article can help you to develop your business.

Finally, the key of viral marketing strategy is customer satisfaction. Without satisfaction, there would be no viral marketing. Once customer disappointment with your business, then it will backfire for your business. Because it is obviously not a good thing given by them to others, but the ugliness of your business that will spread.

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