Investment Manager Business Still Lucrative

Fanstastis Growth Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), which is supported by the brilliant performance of macro-economic growth in Indonesia, could become a magnet for the development of Investment Managers(IM) business.

Just imagine, from 30 IM in 1995, the number of fund management companies in the country increased to 47 MI in 2000, and eventually recorded 82 company per August 9, 2011.

Growth in the number of IM occurred in 16 years. From 30 IM in 1995, the number of MI increased three times to 99 IM in 2009. But many companies do not comply with the provisions of IM make the capital market regulators do a lot of license revocation.

For example, during 2010 Bapepam-LK recorded revoke the business license from eight securities firms are conducting business as an investment manager. Eight securities firms are PT Brahma Capital, PT Danpac Asset Management, PT Eurocapital Peregrine Securities, PT TDM Aset Manajemen, PT AmCapital Indonesia, PT Synergy Asset Management, PT Masindo Artha Securities and PT Majapahit Securities Tbk.

To maintain the stability of the fund management industry, in this case the mutual funds, capital markets referee even had to temporarily suspend licensing new businesses to the Investment Manager. The rule was repealed three years later.

Now, with the reopening of the permit, more companies who want to establish a IM company. Bapepam-LK recorded, there are four local companies that currently take care of licensing.

Not only from within the country, the interest also comes from foreign companies. Djoko admitted that he had conducted several talks with local and foreign companies apply for permission related to the intended.

"That being processed is a local IM candidate, new foreigners IM candidates limited for discussion, although many who expressed interest, " he said

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