HP PC Business Unit Did Not Stop

Hewlett Packard (HP) denied that they would stop their PC business unit. This was revealed in an open letter posted by the top brass of UK and Ireland HP.

 As quoted from Pocket-Lint, Friday (8/26/2011), Paul Hunter, head of the Personal Systems Group (PSG) HP, sent an open letter that contains a rebuttal to the news that circulated during this time.

“First of all I want to clarify misunderstandings about the future of Personal Systems Group at HP. There are some fake stories about HP's that will stop their PC business,” writes Hunter.

“I said that at present there is no HP says it will stop the PC business unit. There are three options being investigated, whether HP will be back again to run the PC business unit, sell or keep it as our portfolio, "he explained.

Hunters also explained about HP's commitment to WebOS. "All webOS products will still be supported and HP will also continue to support the development of WebOS platform, " he said.

In addition, Hunter is also 'blame ', the rapid development of the market environment for the failure of webOS acceleration. But he also acknowledges that HP is slow in answering many questions about WebOS.

We are working to convince the customer that anybody who has webOS device will have a positive experience,"said Hunter

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