Marketing Your Business - Being Consistent Doesn't Mean Being Pushy

Some people send a promotional message every day - and others are afraid that every year is too much!

Well, not quite that bad, but I know a few who think that 2 or 3 messages a year is all they should send, even to past customers. They're afraid of being pushy and offending people.

This is too bad, because too seldom is just as big a mistake as too often.

Even if someone loves you and your product, after a few months of not hearing from you they'll either forget about you or assume that you've gone out of business. That's a huge factor in a down economy - because so many businesses are failing.

Make sure they know you're still there!

If you're in business right now, you need to let your customers and your prospects know you are alive, well, and still offer products and services to make their lives better.

Depending upon what you offer, you should send a message weekly or monthly. And it doesn't have to be a blatant promotion every time. In fact, sending a message that contains good information your customers can use is an even better way to stay foremost in their minds.

You can, of course, include a call to action - just don't make it the focus of your communication.

I recommend that along with your e-mail blasts you send a print newsletter at least quarterly.

What can you write about? Things about your business that others don't know, for one thing.

For instance, if you sell honey, you could send a newsletter that talks about honey production. As the seasons change you can talk about what the bees are doing right now. (Yes, they do different things in different seasons.) At the end, include an order form.

If you're in real estate you can talk about what the market is doing and any new businesses that are coming into the area - or (sadly) ones that have closed. Give statistics and interesting quotes. At the end, include a "Call me when you need help!"

Every business has seasonal changes, so stay on top of them, and use them. Keep your readers "in the know" and they'll love you for it.

I promise, if your messages are interesting and offer information they want, your customers and prospects won't think you're being pushy or pesky.

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