Cyber Monday 2009 Deals


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Now that all the buzz and excitement is over for Black Friday, the next big thing on any shoppers calendar is Cyber Monday.
Cyber Monday is also good for retailers, as it's keeps the overheads low, needs less employees in stores and there is no need to stay open for as long. While also being able to offer low prices.
It has also become a day for shoppers who missed Black Friday deals to still find themselves a bargain.
And the best thing is that people get some great deals and from several retailers, many companies offering their discounts and best deals.
This year the Cyber Monday offers great prices for laptops and computers.
Deals such as a HP Pavillion DM3ZX2 Dual-Core 1.6 GHz processor laptop for only $529.99, well below it's normal selling price. Along with it you receive a 4GB memory stick, a 13.3 inch screen and a 320GB hard drive.
You can also find the G series for 15% off the normal prices from companies such as Dell and Lenovo. Dell will start their sale on Monday November 30 at midnight.
But computers and laptops are not the only thing you will find on sale. Women will also be able to grab a bargain, such as jewellery, shoes and fashion accessories all at low prices.
Other big name companies adding their wares to the Cyber Monday deals are Walmart, Target, Big Five Sporting Goods, who have released their deals online.
Walmart have even featured 100 Cyber Monday ads on their site.
So this Monday will be a great day for finding digital cameras as low as $19 (Bestbuys.com) and a $600 discount on a Samsung 46 inch wide-screen LCD TV at Buy.com.
So if your Christmas shopping isn't done get in on the bargains and claim some of the deals for yourself.
This is the sort of shopping you can do from home, so why miss out.


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