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Twitter is absolutely exploding in the social media network. If you haven't jumped on board yet, you really need to access this way to network with others and grow your business. Twitter is a social media website that lets you make tiny little updates in 140 characters or less. You choose who you want to connect with or "follow" and you interact with them in short little bursts of contact. It might sound like an unusual way to grow your business, but Twitter is gaining in popularity faster than anything on the Internet. So how can you use Twitter to grow your business? Here are 7 quick ways you can expand your reach through Twitter.

1. Follow people who can teach you something. There are thousands of people on Twitter that know something about your niche or business that you don't know yet. By following them and reading their updates, you can learn more than you ever thought possible in practically no time at all.

2. Follow people who you can teach something. Use Twitter search or just search through other people's followers to find people that are in your target market. Follow them and tweet (send 140 character messages) useful information that will help them in their niche or business. You will begin to build your reputation as an expert and people will begin to notice.

3. Network with people you can joint venture with. It is amazing how quickly you can develop real connections and relationships on Twitter. In no time at all you can find people who you can work with and create new projects. You will form alliances and connections that will spur new ideas and projects that you can use to grow your business and make more money.

4. Share your website. Twitter gives you a profile page that lets you link to your website, so all your followers have instant access. You can even set things up so it automatically tweets when you make a new post to your blog, so people are always aware of when you post new content.

5. Learn what NOT to do. Yes, you can even learn what NOT to do with your networking time on Twitter. You will quickly see that some people are generating huge followings on Twitter and others are just sitting there, rather stagnate. Watch what those who are not growing doing- or not doing! Are they only using self-promoting tweets? Are they not sending out regular tweets at all? Are they spamming everyone with links? You can quickly find what DOESN'T work on Twitter by watching.

6. Spend time on Twitter getting to know people, without actively trying to sell them ANYTHING. This is the fastest way to build relationships and trust. Talk about family, kids, food, your hometown- anything goes on Twitter. Share a bit of who you really are as a person and you will develop real connections with people who will eventually help you grow your business.

7. Have some fun! Honest, if your day is hitting a snag or your feeling overwhelmed by life, Twitter is a great way to chat for a minute and have some laughs. It really is an excellent stress reducer! Try it!

If you haven't begun using Twitter yet to grow your business, you really should! Start seeing results from the most exciting social media site on the internet! Go to Twitter and start Tweeting to build your business network today!

Teresa Hall is a freelance writer who quit her job after six months as a freelancer. You can visit her website at http://www.TeresaWrites4U.com or visit her blog for freelance writers at http://www.forwriteabouteverything.com.

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