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Several days ago I try to make something with my time but I am still not get any idea yet. When I look at my garage I find my radio near my car. So I turn it on but I can't hear any voices from it. I turn arround tuning channel and still not catch any station radio wave in my town. My conclusion is the radio was broken. Now I got job to fix it I open that radio to know what component inside it was broken and hope that trouble not serious. After 3 hours I can't find the trouble and I call my friend Sam for help. In phone I told Sam about my problem but I do not know what Sam said. He talk about solid state relays, Electromagnetics relays, Relay Sockets PYD and many more for half hour. I confused and close the phone.

For 2 hours next I try to find in internet with keyword “how to fix trouble if you cant hear any sounds from your radio” and I find it. I call Sam again to borrow some equipment to detect electricity source in case if there is any link damage or cable cut off. Yes, I find the trouble. Cables that connecting loud speaker with PCB are cut off. After I fix the trouble I try to turn it on and I hear my favorite station radio channel in my town playing song from Celine Dion. It was very interesting little experiment but worth it.

By the way, this is result from my search if you need anything about components for your electronic tools you can visit MIL-COM Components Inc 76 Union Ave Suite A Ronkonkoma NY 11779 or contact them at 631-588-2400 and fax 631-588-2499.

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