Buying Used Laptop, Basic Tips

Sometimes wishes and financial condition often runs in the opposite direction, including when we buy a computer. Common dilemma faced by consumers is the price of the target computer is too expensive, far from the funds provided. Do not worry. If your needs is urgent, there is an alternative. Stock trading online and computer stores usually offer old computers, including laptops, with a variety of conditions and specifications. If you are observant, you will get a quality laptop at low prices.

Here are some basic tips to buy used laptop:

Ask warranty
Many reasons people sell their new laptops, ranging from financial reasons, bored, or not as needed. Ask warranty. Is store warranty or an authorized warranty? Also, check the warranty card. Some brands provide the facility of checking the warranty on the official website, such as Lenovo and Apple.

 If warranty period becomes a very important factor, you can look for some type of business laptop that usually has 3-year warranty. I suggest you should buy a used laptop with the remaining warranty period of at least 3 months.

Check the screen
One of the most expensive component in the laptop is LCD screen. Check carefully to see if there are defects in the laptop screen. Quick method, change the wallpaper to a plain black color and look for the colored dots other than black.

Then change to a plain white wallpaper and find dot black or dot color other than white. Consider also whether there is a line on the screen is not lost. If there are defects in the screen, you should select another unit considering quite expensive replacement of the screen.

Physical and functions checks
Check the physical condition to get an idea how previous laptop owners treatment. If you buy at the store, chances are the shopkeeper had to clean it, but for some flaw due to knock or fall are usually difficult to be covered.

Ask directly if you are suspicious the laptop ever dropped or bumped. Cancel intention to buy if you are unsure. To function, you can try using keyboard, speakers, webcam, USB, memory card slot and optical drive to ensure all functions running normally.

Observe the battery
Perhaps one of the most difficult thing knows the condition of the battery. On some laptops like Apple MacBook and Lenovo ThinkPad, there is software to find out how many cycles the battery or how many times the laptop battery has been charging. The average laptop battery is designed to survive up to 1000 times charging.

If no such software, try turning on the laptop without being connected to the charger and run multiple applications. Notice the battery indicator. If less drastic, possibilities less vibrant of battery and you have to buy a new battery with high cost.

Price expectations
What is reasonable price? If the model of used laptop are willing to buy still sold in the market, the price difference ranges between 20-30 percent, depending on condition, brand, completeness, and warranty period.

For products that are not sold anymore, rather difficult to determine the right price. Why, usually a laptop model that has been discontinued (no longer produced), the price still same. Though the price of a replacement laptop model (with a higher specification) are usually sold at the same price range. We recommend that you reduce the minimum 35% of final price.

Deal Method
If you buy laptops that advertise on the forums in the Internet, you should select cash transactions (COD, cash on delivery).

For those who live outside the city, you should use a trusted intermediary to conduct transactions. Avoid sellers are urged to send money in advance, unless indeed you have known him.

Buying a used laptop requires extra care and patience. Take your passion if you look at things that seemed priced too cheap. Check first. The keyword: patience and careful.

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