Become Motivation Leader

A good leader is someone who can listen carefully, ask questions, have a good plan and then build a consensus among all the people needed to achieve the goal. Leaders do not try to do with itself. However, the leaders will let someone else help him to be able to finish it. In addition it is no less important is how we become motivation leader? Not only can lead, make decisions, but also motivation is very important in a leadership.

Three important things become part of a motivation leader. First, we must give appreciation to the people for their achievement. In the world of work as employees sometimes, we are often treated as a machine. Feeling overlooked and underappreciated, so the days of work we have been through will feel bored and tiring. In this case, a leader must train himself in order to get used to give appreciation to the staff. Appreciation is motivational. Because generally everyone happy when they are appreciated.

Second, we accept the responsibility given. We often run away from a responsibility, either because the burden is too heavy or very complicated issue or there seems no way out. The more we run away, the more we lose the purpose and meaning in life. But when we are willing to accept responsibility, then we can develop the full potential and capacity we have, will produce perseverance and fortitude. When we execute the responsibilities then motivation, ideas, and the potential we have will came out to complete a given responsibility.

Third, we must be prepared for the change. A psychologist William James said, the greatest discovery in this generation is that human beings can transform their lives by altering their attitudes of thinking. Because of the way a person thinks is formed from the knowledge learned and experiences.
Let us imagine, how precious the time we passed, consciously or not, agrees or not, everything will remain changing and continue to change. Therefore, do not miss opportunities. With ready to accept a change, someone would know better the potential that exists inside it.

All of the above shows to be a motivator in the leadership is not easy, but it does not mean can not be done, the essence is leader can look at and develop any potential, opportunities and rewards people around him.

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