Low Record China Exports

China's exports in October 2011 grew the lowest in eight months. This raises fears of China's economic growth will slow. While imports jumped more than expected.

Customs shows the number China's exports increased 15.9 percent in October from the previous year. That number below forecasts 16.5 percent. This is the lowest growth since February due to exporters feel the chill of the global economy, especially the impact of Europe Union economic decreased, China's largest export market. Imports jumped 28.7 percent, exceeding forecasts of 23.0 percent.

The data also showed healthy growth in retail sales and investment in roads and other infrastructure and a sharp decrease in inflation. Trade surplus in October came at USD17 billion, far lower than the estimate of USD24, 9 billion.

“Low Surplus and slow export growth reflects signs of China's economic slowdown. It shows soft landing for the economy, given the CPI figures yesterday that showed a reduced price pressures," said CIMB analyst Suresh Ramanathan as reported by Reuters on Thursday (11 / 9 / 2011).

Chinese leaders also spoke in recent weeks about the macroeconomic policies to sustain economic growth, which slowed in the third quarter to 9.1 percent. This is the weakest rate in more than two years

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