Develop Islamic Economic D-8 Countries Held Workshop

In order to anticipate growth of Islamic finance that growing rapidly today, Muslim-majority countries that joined in D-8 Bangladesh, Iran, Malaysia, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, and Indonesia held Islamic Microfinance Workshop seminar.

Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Halim Alamsyah explained, the position of Islamic finance in the world financial landscape is increasing. According to him, World Bank Group has been recognized formally as a priority area of Islamic finance in the financial sector program.

"Islamic Microfinance as part of Islamic finance today still has small portions. However, recent years have shown rapid growth in the service and cultivate community empowerment through activities and Islamic finance transactions," said Halim role in opening remarks at the Seminar on Islamic Microfinance Workshop, at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, Friday (11/11/2011).

Furthermore, he explained, conducted seminars aim to support the welfare and empowerment campaign, especially in D-8 countries. "And help D-8 countries develop Islamic micro-finance program," he explained.

Halim continue, in this workshop also aims to enhance knowledge, skills and capacity of policy makers and Islamic microfinance practitioners in D-8 countries, as well as providing space for D-8 countries to share Islamic microfinance experience.

"This is to increase the attention of participants or delegates, about the importance of forming a network among D-8 countries to develop Islamic microfinance system as a way to improve the welfare of society," he concluded

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