The Opportunities to Combine Game with Advertising World

“Indonesia Bermain” event held over two days at the Sasana Culture (Sabuga) Bandung, 22-23 October 2011, not only meet gamers with developers at the show and play together. There is also a seminar of games practitioners in Indonesia who share their experience developing gaming industry.

One of the lecturers is M. Arief Budiman, Managing Director of PT PetakUmpet Creative Network of Yogyakarta. Arif talking about advergaming, advertising opportunities to enter the gaming industry, and conversely, the opportunity of game to enter in the advertising industry. Advertising opportunities in the gaming industry by Arief i.e. if the people in the advertising industry can take advantage of games as a tool promoting the ad.

"A good ad is an ad that does not appear as advertising. Game is one of the way so people do not realize is seeing an advertisement," said Arief in the arena of Indonesia Bermain conference, Sabuga Jakarta, Saturday (22/10/2011).

While conversely, the game opportunity to convince advertising practitioners is the game developers should be able to combine idealism with commercialism. "Do not rigid think by just defend idealism. There is no battle between idealism with commercialism. Both can be combined," said Arief.

The combination of idealism with commercialism by Arief can be combining if the developer could create a game with cool elements. "The bottom line is you have to think whether people would look cool if play your games? With feel cool, they will continue to play and that's where advertising opportunities come," Arief said.

Arief exemplifies Apple product is not a new product. Everyone has been using mobile phones before the iPhone come in. However, with innovations design and technologies that allow mobile users to use the iPhone looks cool, coupled with a good marketing strategy, finally the iPhone become the most searched mobile phones in the world. It could also apply in developing the game.

"There are three levels of the game's, first level is a game that only become commodity products, created just to meet industry needs and mass produced .. The second level is a game that has a function, can be educational tools, or may have cultural value. The third level is the game, which has intangible value. This game like this has strong element of why, make people always to find out, "said Arief.

According to Arief, creativity is very important in the gaming industry. Creativity is the ability to change problems into opportunities. Thinking outside the box, thinking someone else will be able to make the game result has a magnet and easily accepted by society.

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