Free Advertising for Local Small Business

Facebook made a new surprise when announced it plans to offer free advertising worth of $10 million last week for a small business that began in January. The companies said the move was an opportunity for small entrepreneurs to test and feel the world advertising of social media and for long-term goals are expected to stay loyal advertisers using Facebook.

Facebook is not the only one who takes this discovery, providing free advertising for small businesses. HopStop also announced their plans, free advertising program, this month. Small business owners can advertise free on the HopStop for 30 days worth of $ 250. While Linkedin offers small business owners $ 50 - $ 100 coupons for free advertising. Even the king of online search, Google, also offering the same thing through the AdWords program and special promotions for new customers AdWords. It is free promotion provides an opportunity for small businesses to grow back and look for new customers.

Facebook will give $ 50 worth of free advertising that they can use to advertise to targeted customers that will generate thousands of impressions, said Grady Burnett, Facebook vice president global sales and operations.

Free advertising program is only the first part of a campaign to make friendship with the small business community. In the second part, Facebook will go down to the road to promote, from city to city holding seminars and workshops to help business owners understand and make the most of their advertising on Facebook. 800 million users around the world make facebook as the largest social media sites in the world, and this is used by Facebook to stabilize its revenue in the future by attracting local businesses to get involved in it

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