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World fashion more shocking with the emergence of a variety of thin clothing for little girls lingerie and various promotions that target young as four years. Combination of lingerie and casual wear to form a 'loungeriue', launched the French fashion label, Apres Lunes jours for children aged four to 12 years.

French labels are usually issued a product includes a variety of ages, from infancy, adolescence, and adult women or 'Femmes'. Product loungerie they spend for a little girl like panties, bras, camisoles, and t-shirts with lace and ribbon edge.

The problem, the little girl posing and adult-style tub in the photographs of clothing products in it. They seem too early for their age, on Wednesday (17 / 8).

They were seen wearing a bra and panties, and play with makeup and wear jewelry. Most of the photos too are obscene as shown MailOnline. This little girl was barefoot and show off their belly so it is not suitable for publication.

In one camera shot, a little girl wearing Jackie O-style sunglasses while relaxing on the pillow. The girl was wearing only shorts and polka dot patterned tops that are cut and tied at the chest.

While the other poses, three young girls playing with their hair arranged like a honeycomb style of Amy Winehouse and bergincu their lips bright pink and red.

Fashionista said the clothes were quite disturbing because these clothes are not suitable for children like them.These models style show they are made to look like children, while they made to look like an adult.

Commentators expressed concern over the apparent sexualisation of young girls. Lingeries writer Le Snob NY Daily News, Marilisa Racco, say, the condition is strange. "It's funny when a little girl dressed in her mother's clothes and jewelry and high heels. But these pictures are not funny. It's completely inappropriate to place a child at age four as Brigitte Bardot bouffant

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