Jackie Chan Dead

Action movies actor Jackie Chan to be victims of false news that preach him had died, a few weeks ago. For fans of Chan's news was a very shocking news.

However, issue the death of Chan to raise the name of Chan as trending topicdi the Philippines for one week. Chan had become NEWSMAKER in the period March 25 to 31 earlier.

It is obtained from data collected Google Philippines. Data collected from the largest search engines have been calculated since the first day of the death rumors Twitter.Saat Chan sticking in it, the outstanding issues is Chan died of a heart attack. On a national scale the Philippines, Chan was located in the first position as the news of the most get the major concern of Internet users in the Philippines. As for the scale of the world, Chan was ranked fifth in the order that Twitter.Kala topicdi trending, March 30 morning, hashtag who wrote RIP Jackie Chan managed to spread so quickly.

To fend off rumors of the death of the legendary actor, the official social networking accounts belonging Chan quickly provide clarification. "Jackie was alive and in good condition. He did not suffer a heart attack, let alone die, as it is being spread today, "wrote the account. Not only that, the management of Jackie who manages the account also said that Chan is busy preparing for the film terbarunya.Dia also posting a photo in Chan's official website, jackiechan. com, when Chan met Consul General of Japan Yuji Kumamaru in Hong Kong to discuss the charity event which will be made to victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Earlier, on April 1, Chan is scheduled to stage the show The Love Without Borders 3 / 11 Candlelight Gala at the Victoria Park, Hong Kong. Shocking news about the death of an artist's world it always happens every year. Jackie Chan was not the first celebrity who was rumored died in 2011 ini.Avril Lavigne, Canadian singer who will perform in Jakarta on 11 May, also was rumored dead. At that Avril is reportedly died after crashing after playing snowboard in Vancouver. "Avril died after a crash when playing a snowboard after celebrating the new year in the resort of Whistler Blackcomb in Vancouver.Tubuhnya appointed by the ski patrol," said the news spread at the time.

In contrast to Chan that gets a reaction of sympathy from his fans. When the issue Avril died, a man named Alice Cooper even react cynically over the news. "Avril's death will not have a major impact for the music industry. He only wants one fansmusik pop musicians today, "he said as quoted by the Chicago Independent Presssaat it. Several years earlier, Oprah Winfrey is also a victim of death hoax.Tepatnya Oprah preached in 2009 have been found in conditions of lying in bed in his apartment in Chicago. As at September 2008 the young actress Miley Cyrus is also a victim of a hoax after the reported death had hit and run when the action leading to the shooting location Cyrus Hannah Montana.

News hit and run causing death of Cyrus as well as experienced artists the world had happened to the other two, ie Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, as reported by Fox News. ● megiza

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