New Reader Gets Their First Car Insurance

I received an interesting email from one of my readers and she is discussing her personal experience with getting insurance. You may find it interesting to read.

While I was younger, I wasn’t the most careful driver of all, in fact I was quite the opposite at times. Although I find myself breaking the speed limit from time to time, I do my best to follow the traffic laws and be safe. Although the speeding tickets I received were only a couple hundred dollars in total, the increased price in insurance will probably cost me thousands over the years.

During the time when I was a student, I did not find a need for car insurance. My grandmother barely drove her car and she lent it to me anytime I wanted it. After my marriage, I needed to find my own policy. Because it is against the law to drive without insurance, a crime punishable by a ticket and sometimes even jail, it was a law that I could not avoid.

I visited a car insurance broker once all of the paperwork was official. It was a bit overwhelming to discuss all of the options with this insurance broker. While looking at my driving record, I received a few concerned glances from her. It could not be good. She informed me the unexpected: that I would have a pretty high insurance rate due to my past.

She was nice enough and told me about a few ways to reduce the costs. Because I did not own my own house, I was not able to get a property insurance discount. My renters insurance did manage to get me a small discount however.

Other discounts that I was eligible for included a good student discount, multiple cars discount, a fuel-efficient car discount because I drive a hybrid car and a slightly better rate because I am a female. She also stated that if I could be accident and ticket free for a full year, she could give me a little discount. All these together resulted in savings of over a hundred dollars every month.

She next asked me how badly do I want to save money? Of course it’s as much as I could manage to. She went on to inform me that you can insure your license and not your car and save an extra of $500 per year. While it does sound really good, my car would not be protected in the event of an accident.

The good thing about insuring my license is that I would be able to drive any car I wanted, but unfortunately I didn’t receive coverage for the car I was driving in case I was the cause of the accident. Because I did have a car that I drove exclusively, it was important to me that it be covered, so I declined the money saving idea.

In my opinion, if you want to get a good deal here in Southern Ontario, there’s a few choices. One of the services I recommend is Kanetix, they provide is car insurance quotes.

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