In 2011, Four Harris Hotels and Three Pop! Operate

In 2011 was a year of expansion for Tauzia Hotel Management. Beginning with the opening of Paragon Solo Hotel and Residences in Solo this January, will open a four-Harris Tauzia Hotels in Jakarta, Bandung, Batam and Bali. While other fourteen Harris hotels still under construction.

"Harris Hotel in Jakarta and Bandung will operate respectively on the first and second quarter of 2011, while the Harris Hotel in Batam and Bali will be opened in the last quarter of this year," said Corporate Communications Manager Tauzia Hotel Management, Yani Sinulingga, Friday (28 / 1 / 11). The total number of hotel rooms will be fully operational in 2011are 624 rooms.

Tauzia will also open three two-star hotels with brands Pop! Hotels with 484 total number of rooms this year. Third Pop! Hotels that are located in Manado, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta. This year, nine hotels Pop! Hotels in process.

In 2012, Tauzia target operates 34 properties under the brand Harris Hotels, Hotels Preference, Pop! Hotels, and Managed by Tauzia. . "Tauzia Hotel Management remains focused on product quality and consistency of each segment and became an avant-garde brand of hospitality industry," said Marc Steinmeyer, President Director Tauzia Hotel Management.

Marc also adds, Tauzia will expand hotel brands was born in Indonesia to ASEAN countries in the next two years

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