Why Ship Float over the Water

Ship and aircraft is a means of transportation that is needed if you plan to vacation to an island that is located in the sea as balinese or Hawaii for example. But do you know that most ship made of iron and most of the body or frame of aircraft made from aluminum and titanium? How can ship float over the water and planes can fly where as the mass of the type of material is greater? How do I create one? And from which material was obtained?

Ship made from iron can float over the water because the volume of water that moved same with the volume of iron in the water, the question now is how to make the volume of water that moved same with the volume of iron in the water? Very easy, you stay back to Archimedes law. The process of ship with heavy 45000-50000 DWT on average takes between 1 to 2 years old in the dock and can spend thousands of images of engineering revisions. Section for the built and incorporated into the hull intact and then released. When the process of hull on the ground made the process of launching the boat had already been to the water can be done in two ways, namely with the side launching and end launching. When the process of hull done in the pool / dock the launch of the process easier, ponds filled with water to float the ship itself.

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