Driving home for Waste

When we returned from shopping, the traffic on the road so crowded and in front of our car we view that the police are busy switch to alternative roads. We finally enter the car to the road a little strange, because we did not pass the road. I was quite surprised because right beside us so much garbage heap with the smell a little sting.

I then remember that the garbage pile beside our house, waste places of course. So much waste that comes from household waste,solvent recovery, whether solid waste, liquid, wet, dry, plastic, paper removed useless and can contaminate the environment where we live. What must we do to our environment can be healthy and clean? The best way is use solvent recovery system so can make it safe for the environment before removed, this can be done to the liquid waste. For waste paper and plastic can be recycled back with waste recovery system so that the income will be used to save the environment. We still maintain the environment clean is the responsibility of us all to maintain the viability and preservation of the next generation.

At last our car has been in front of the house, I immediately run to the garbage that is located beside the house and separate the waste by type and carrying a plastic garbage can be used to return to the warehouse.

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