Florence Brudenell-Bruce

Prince Harry and Florence Brudenell-Bruce new his girlfriend make first public sight, send away any love story with Pippa Middleton.

Flee, who was earlier dating Formula One star Jenson Button, is quite evidently in love with Harry.

Unlike the thoroughly middle-class Middletons, the Brudenell-Bruces are reassuringly aristocratic.

Nowadays, Love is happily settled with Flee’s sister Alice.

Love’s fiancĂ©e Alice is the eldest of Flee’s three siblings, with whom she was raised in Fulham by her 55-year-old French mother, Sophie, a doctor’s daughter, and 59-year-old Old Etonian father, Andrew Brudenell-Bruce, a wine merchant.

Florence Brudenell-Bruce

The 25-year-old model, known to friends as Flee, was spotted looking "doe-eyed" with the ginger Prince at Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park last weekend.

A pal said: "Flee's already said she loves being Harry's girl and has fallen for him fast. She's a party girl and Harry loves her wild side."

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