U.S. Postal Service | Launch Jazz Forever Theme Stamps

Jazz Forever Theme
Postal service in New Orleans, Louisiana will launch stamps with  Jazz Forever theme , designed by Howard E. Paine, Delaplane, Virginia. The stamp price is 44 cents dollar.

U.S. Postal Service who initially released this product to contribute to the world of Jazz - which is called as a gift from America to the world - as well as awards for musicians who play music full of improvisation is in many places such as the stage festivals, studios, clubs and concert halls.

Before this work, has also jazz-themed stamps Latin Jazz launched by the U.S. Postal Service, precisely in  2008. At that time stamp was designed by music lovers of Latin jazz Michael Bartalos who lives in San Francisco. He captures the spirit of upbeat, energetic and romantic which is characteristic of Latin jazz. Bartalos created a tropical evening shades of night are portrayed by three musicians playing bass, piano, and konga which also brings in a multicultural aspects of music both percussive and complexity ritmiknya

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